Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What DO I do all Day?

My days are my own and I'm free to set my own schedule, but I just can't figure out why I don't seem to get much done with all that time. Maybe I'm just DISORGANIZED ???

Here is a typical day:

6:30 or 7 am: Wake up, no need to set an alarm when you are self employed-no time clocks to punch around here.
Morning grooming, which consists mainly of brushing teeth and maybe hair.
Etsy-check emails, relist sold supplies, start packing up orders.
Mimi jumps up on my shoulders, put up with her leaving claw marks in my back for a few minutes, make her jump off.
More coffee
Find Bear-give morning doses of medicine. Sometimes this takes awhile since she hides.
More coffee
Clean out cat boxes
More etsy, list new things, pack up more orders.
Mimi jumps up on my shoulders again, more claw marks. Make Mimi get down.
Realize that I'm hungry and go find something to eat. Too lazy to cook something so settle for yogurt and granola bar.
Coffee pot is empty, don't need anymore coffee so get some water.
More etsy and general messing around on the computer.
Mimi jumps up on my shoulders again, more claw marks, make her get down.
Realize it's already 10am and probably should get dressed. No clean underwear so think about doing laundry, maybe even actually put some clothes in the washer.
Get dressed and go to post office, run any other errands.
Get home and stomach is growling again, find something for lunch if I haven't stopped at Subway because I'm too lazy to fix a sandwich.
Eat lunch, brush teeth, think about working on some of the many many projects in my studio.
Studio is very messy and cat litter is all over the floor, sweep floor and think about cleaning studio, put off until tomorrow, and shove everything on the worktable out of the way so I have a space to work.
Work on stuff.
Cats are napping so no Mimi on my shoulder.
Check etsy and emails, list something.
Work in studio some more.
Iced tea.
Check etsy and emails.
Mess around on computer for a while, get lost in the etsy forums.
Get back to work in studio, take photos for new listings.
Iced tea.
Think about cleaning the house, decide to put off until tomorrow.
Now it's about 4 pm and Keith gets home, talk about our day, think about starting dinner soon.
Back to the computer, mess around and realize stomach is growling, better get that dinner started. Hate to cook so suggest we go to Spencers for dinner or find something easy to cook, like tacos.
Eat, clean up kitchen, make Keith's lunch for tomorrow, get coffee for tomorrow ready.
Find Bear for evening doses of medicine. Again, sometimes this takes awhile since she's hiding again.
Keith watches TV, falls asleep in front of TV. Buddy watches TV with Keith, falls asleep on top of Keith in front of TV.
Mess around on the computer some more, sometimes with Mimi on my shoulders.
Take our showers, send Keith to bed after much nagging and reminding of how early he has to get up, watch an episode of The Wire's 4th season on DVD-best season yet!
11:00 pm, go to bed.

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Jim & Heather on catamaran "Meerkat" said...

Yikes - sounds a lot like my typical day... only we don't have the cats and we probably sweat more. My big adventure is taking the recyclables up the dock and looking in the book exchange... whoopee!