Sunday, April 27, 2008

Antique Shopping

Yesterday we decided to go downtown and wander through our favorite antique store, The Five and Dime, which is inside the old Woolworths' building downtown.
Complete with luncheonette.
I love that word, luncheonette, that's something you don't see anymore.
I was looking for vintage childrens books to cut up and use in pendants and collage and found some good ones yesterday, along with a vintage United States puzzle and a game with tiles that I think I can use as charms in a bracelet. I love the illustrations in the old childrens books, they are just so sweet, one of the books is about a little rabbit and a crow and they are dressed in little jackets and hats. One of the books is a take-off on Dick and Jane but with Alice and Jerry instead.
We were starving so we ate lunch at the old Woolworth's lunch counter, I mean luncheonette-they had a very limited menu, hamburgers and a couple of sandwiches, but hamburgers and fries hit the spot for us. There are hardly any restaurants in downtown Bakersfield, so your lunch choices are very limited-it's a big downtown and urban blight has hit it pretty hard. Most of the stores are boarded up or pawn shops and of course the porn 'theatre' which is actually in an old theatre. It's kind of sad to see such a depressed area of the city, but I don't think they can revitalize it like many cities have done, it's pretty far gone.


Jim & Heather on catamaran "Meerkat" said...

Mom used to take me to the luncheonette counter in the Ventura Woolworths for lunch. One time I bit through the glass I was drinking out of... wonder if she remembers that?

Anonymous said...

I love old buildings, and it looks like they've preserved the Woolworth's pretty well... how neat. *sigh* Maybe someone magnificent will come along one of these days and bring up the rest of the area...
Can't wait to see your new finds!