Thursday, April 3, 2008

Trash Day

Today is trash day. Since we got our recycle bins last year we don't generate quite as much crap that goes to the landfill, which is a good thing. Our city charges a fee for recycle so out of all the people on our street, only two of us have recycle bins.

Whenever I hear the trash truck coming-which totally freaks out all the cats because it's so loud-I remember when my son Joe was about three and had a fascination with all things truck. Each week he would shout MAMA THE TRASH TRUCK IS HERE!!! MAMA THE TRASH TRUCK IS HERE!!! Kind of like Steve Martin in The Jerk-the new phone books are here!!!

The guys who drive these trash trucks have it pretty easy-they don't ever have to get out of the truck, just grab the bin with the big pincher things and dump it out. Extra boxes or bags of trash on the curb? Too bad, they only take what's in the bin!

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

I forgot that he used to do that!!! Is that when he would sit outside and talk to his imaginary friends?