Friday, April 4, 2008

Spay Day for Lucy

Lucy went in for her spay yesterday so now we have a sad looking little kitty with a big 'radar dish' around her poor little neck. I wish there was a less invasive way of preventing your cats from making more little cats, but it's a necessary evil. We have to keep her separated from all the other cats for ten days and not let her play, jump, or run-HAHAHA! How do you keep a kitten from playing, running, or jumping-kitten time out? A little stool in the corner if they get too rambunctious?


Here is Lucy who *didn't* jump up onto the bathroom counter-wink wink.

We are keeping her in our bedroom which is totally annoying all the other cats since they are used to coming into the bedroom first thing in the morning so they can sleep on the bed. We have an airlock system going with the bathroom doors to get in and out, our bathroom is what they call a 'jack and jill' with a little sink room with doors on one end, the bathtub and toilet in another little room, and then a door to the bedroom, where there is another little sink alcove area. So we go into the airlock sink room, shut the door that goes to the hallway, then open the door that goes to the bathtub room. All we need is one of those swooshing decontaminating spray things in our airlock room.


She just doesn't look too pleased but was still groggy from the anesthesia. She did okay during the night, she's a pretty mellow cat and only woke me up once getting into bed with us. I gave her some pain meds and antibiotics this morning so I think she'll stay quiet for a while. She did throw up in the bathroom last night, which of course I stepped on before I saw it. With my bare feet.




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Anonymous said...

She is DARLING!!! Sending my love to a speedy recovery... cute kitty!


Jennifer said...

Poor Kitty!!! We have to do that to our little kitty and the dog too.

Meghan said...

Frances was fixed earlier last year and we got pretty lucky because he didn't get sick... But she has lots of friends, unlike Frances. He is all alone.