Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bear Hates Medicine

Poor little Bear has feline herpes where she gets swollen glands and has really sore gums and mouth ulcers. She was going along okay but when she got her annual shots it messed up her immune system and she had to go back to the vet because her eye was all red and goopy. She saw the cat carrier come out and tried to make a run for it into the garage. I caught her just as she got to the kitty door and grabbed her chubby little body just in time. She has three meds that we have to give her twice a day now, two oral and one eye drops. I swear she understands the word medicine and can hear me getting it ready out in the kitchen. She was in the front room looking out the window the other day, so I shut the other escape doors, went to get her meds ready, and went back to the front room expecting to see her still looking out the window.
She was under the entertainment center, which is a tight squeeze for round little Bear. I kept trying to pull her out from under there but she has long claws and grabs onto the carpet so you can't budge her.
She's so funny when she runs, she looks like a furry bowling ball with legs running as fast as those little legs will carry that round round body!
She's such a sweet kitty but rather timid and skittish. Sometimes when you reach down to pet her she runs off like she's afraid of you, or maybe she thinks it's med time again. I don't even say the word medicine now, I have to spell it out.

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Moose Ridge said...

poor baby... my boys are psychic -- all you have to do is think about getting the cool whip or lettuce (okay, yes, my cats are weird, but that is their favorite treats!!) and they are there from somewhere in the nether regions of the house before you can open the fridge!! hope she's better soon! (and I have one of that round kitties also)

Dunlap TN