Friday, April 11, 2008

I'm Copying You!!

I was just reading one of my favorite etsy people's blog: and I'm going to steal her idea!! Mwahahahahaha!! She uses a calendar to jot down ideas for future blog topics rather than writing them on little scraps of paper or post-its like I do.
My computer desk is also my shipping desk and it's a very small desk, so post-its and scraps of paper usually get buried under bubble wrap and other scraps of paper. When they do resurface I can't always figure out what it is I wrote anyway since my handwriting has deteriorated so much over the years. I always had great penmanship in my grade school days and prided myself on those A's on my report cards-okay, I was a dork and those kinds of things were important to me. I also liked spelling bees, so there!
Anyway, what a great idea, a little calendar diary which would be a little harder to lose than a post-it. Off to walmart! Okay, I have to go there anyway to get some big mailing envelopes. I was just there yesterday, isn't that sad? I spend more time there now than back in the dark days of having to work there!

Okay, kitty picture of the day!
This is the strangest position I've ever seen any of our cats in. Her belly is shaved from her recent spay. I guess she was really happy at getting her radar dish collar off and wanted to show how flexible she is without it. That's my robe she's laying on. What is it with cats having to lay on any piece of clothing that is on the bed? I'll be folding little kitchen towels and they see the stack of them and go 'oooh, kitchen towels to lay on!'

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