Monday, March 17, 2008

What's in a Name?

A recent thread on the etsy forums asking how people came up with their shop names got me thinking about how my shop name came about.
I had done crafts for years on a part time basis since I worked full time to feed those pesky kids of mine. I sold at a local shop for a few years making cloth dolls that were very popular, then started doing two local holiday boutiques. I used to make a nice wad of cash just in time for Christmas after months of making little ornaments and such in my spare time. I started doing a few more craft shows and got to thinking about a name for my little business.
I wanted something that incorporated my legal name, Elizabeth, so I played around with that and the first initial of my last name G. ElizabethG, LizG, LizzieG, nothing really sounded right and I figured that there would be lots of usernames already on the internet like that and I'd end up being ElizabethG5015 or something. So, I turned it around and came up with geelizzie. Nobody else on the internet has that name as far as I know, it's short and easy to remember, and so far it's helped make me known on etsy and is usable for pretty much any other online venture too. I just started on a new Canadian website, The website is free right now and has a really nice clean look to it. I'm kind of hoping that it will get off the ground and become the next etsy. None of the other sites I've tried even come close to etsy. Dawanda is nice but you have to list in euros, and mintd has so few buyers that your stuff just sits there. Same goes for, the site is okay, but nothing sells there either.
Oh, my icraft address is: I've got 2 things there so far and will just be putting soldered glass pendants on that site rather than all the variety like on etsy.

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