Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Movie Review Tuesday

We hardly ever rent movies and have decided to stop buying them after sending bags full of movies to the Goodwill-movies that we bought, watched once or twice and were just taking up space.
So, we went on a little movie renting kick and here's my take on some of the not so latest-like I said it's been a while since we rented any and aren't up on the latest releases.

Die Hard or Die Trying or Die Living or whatever it's called from Bruce Willis:
Funny stuff, full of action, not sure if it was meant to be a comedy, but Bruce does tongue in cheek very well.

The Queen:
I was disappointed in this one, it was billed as 'the best movie of the year'. Not, but seeing what life as the Queen of England might be like was somewhat interesting. Somewhat. The story line is the week after Diana was killed and the bad press that the royal family got for going off to Balmoral and hunting instead of grieving with the rest of the country.
Planet Terror:
An instant classic? Maybe, it was the best and bloodiest zombie movie I've ever seen, but not scary like Night of the Living Dead. I felt like I was at the Drive-In movies watching this from the comfort of my big sixties sedan. The aging effects were great, especially the part where the film melts and the 'missing reel' sign comes up on the screen. Silly silly movie but lots of fun! A little bit too long, they could have cut about 30 minutes from it and been fine. The extras on how they did the stunts and all that was actually pretty interesting, I don't usually watch any of that stuff.

American Gangster:
Excellent low key performances by Denzel Washington-does he ever give less than his best?-and what's his name-the Australian that likes to throw phones at people.
Good movie! I'd watch this one again.

And a few others that obviously were not very memorable since I've forgotten what they were.

And now, we have no toddlers in the house, why do we have toys all over the living room?

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