Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spring Comes Fast in these Here Parts

And goes away fast, too. We had beautiful 75 degree weather here yesterday and today it is in the low 60's and chilly out there. Okay, I know it's still snowing in parts of the country but here in California we are spoiled and anything under 70 and we're freezing!
Our trees are shedding their blooms already-looks like it's snowing with all the little white petals blowing around.
The tree is almost all green now.
We went out for breakfast at Coco's this morning-yeah, I know, we eat out too much. Yeah, I know, we could eat at home for much less money. But, we are lazy and don't like to cook or go to the store, so...Coco's it is.
Of course, a big breakfast makes Keith sleepy, so...
Any time Keith is horizontal, Buddy feels like it is his duty to keep him company.

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