Tuesday, March 4, 2008

To Pee or Not to Pee

Bathroom privacy? What's that? Every woman who's ever had a child knows that once that child becomes mobile there is no such thing as being alone to do your business. Just try shutting that door when toddler's are afoot if you want to see a total meltdown.

I don't have small children anymore and haven't had any for a long time. But, there is still no privacy with cats around. Little Bit hears tinkling and she thinks the water is running in the sink and comes in looking for a drink. The others will just casually saunter through the bathroom, barely glancing at you as they walk by. Mimi decides that since you are just sitting there, it must be time for some petting. And just try taking a shower, they all line up and watch you through the glass doors, sometimes trying to 'catch' the water.

Why don't I just shut the bathroom door? Our bathroom is very small and just too claustrophobic with the doors shut-it's like a hallway with a little toilet alcove just barely big enough to sit in and a door at each end of the hallway. The cats really like it because they can run in one door and out the other. And they like to hide the little treasures that they sneak out of my workroom under the bathroom rug.

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Meghan said...

I am so glad that my little Frances isn't the only one who enjoys watching me shower... Weird weird weird cats.