Friday, March 7, 2008


One of my favorite memories of childhood is of cutting out paper dolls. I liked to play with them, but I think the cutting out was the best part of paper dolls. I remember making my own paper dolls and creating outfits for them to wear with crayons and paper.
No wonder that I like doing collage, you get to cut stuff up and glue it together. I hadn't done any aceo's in quite a while and got inspired to try them again. Aceo stands for art cards editions and originals-there are no rules other that the aceo has to be 2 1/2 x 3 1/2", after that it's whatever strikes your fancy. The aceo came about after artists began trading atc's amongst themselves-Artist Trading Cards, kind of like baseball cards for artwork. ATC's are not meant to be sold, so the aceo was born, because we all like to make a little money on our art if possible. There is nothing glamorous about being a starving artist. I get so tired of reading or hearing about art for art's sake-sure, that's fine, but I'm trying to make a living here.
So, anyway, here are a few of my new aceo's.

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