Sunday, March 2, 2008

Spring is Here and has Been for a While

I just saw on the news last night that it's still snowing and freezing cold in parts of the US. Well, not here in central California. We had temps in the mid seventies and even up to 80 on Friday this past week. Our trees and flowers are blooming. It's like one day there are bare branches and the next day the trees are full of flowers. This is the big tree in our front yard and the planter box and steps that Keith built.
This morning we went across town to Mimi's cafe for breakfast. We had eaten dinner there the other night and thought we should try them for one of our almost weekly weekend breakfasts. Their buttermilk spice muffin is delicious.
We stopped at the Barnes and Noble across the parking lot from Mimi's-hey they named a restaurant after our kitty!-and I picked up a book called Living the Creative Life-ideas and inspiration from working artists. I've been very uninspired lately and thought maybe this would give me a jump start on some new ideas. The jewelry shop on etsy was pretty slow this past month, although supplies were selling really well. I get real nervous when I don't sell much in the jewelry shop for a few days, thinking 'acckkk, it's all over with and I'll have to go back to work at wal-mart!'
I think it's going to get harder and harder to sell the jewelry, there are so many new sellers jumping onto etsy each day expecting to make tons of sales right away. A new listing gets buried in about 5 seconds. But, I'll keep trying and making new things and maybe this new book will get some creative juices flowing.


Anonymous said...

I can relate to you in so many ways. Being a jewelry seller myself on etsy, I keep wondering if maybe I should focus on something else, but every time I browse the time machine, I keep seeing beads I want and love! LOL...

New books are a great way to get inspired... you'll have to share some, maybe i'll need to get that one... sounds fun!

Yay for spring! I'm so excited... here in Oregon, we are right around the corner from ya!

Livy said...

That picture of the tree covered in blossoms is so beautiful. There is nothing quite like springtime.