Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hey Honey Pass Me Another Beer

Keith has been coming home with really sore tired feet from walking around on gravel in the railyard all day long, so I suggested one of those foot massager soaker things. Found this at walmart for $20.00 and the first thing out of his mouth when he tried it was 'oooooohhhhhh'. Guess it felt pretty good.

DSC09275 DSC09276

And while he was soaking he was watching one of his train videos and of course he catches the name of this building in the background. He's worse than a little kid when it comes to finding the dirty words somewhere.


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Jennifer said...

HAHA, you should take him to get a real pedicure and get his toes painted. Jeremy does this as weel and boy does the stinky feet smell better!!!

Jennifer said...

I just realized that only I would have a stepdad who would look for dirty words on tv and laugh about it!!