Friday, March 28, 2008

Free at Last!

I've always been told that cats are secretly plotting against you. Haven't you ever noticed that when they stare at you it doesn't seem to be with love in their eyes?

The cats like to sit on the bench that Keith built for the front bedroom/studio window and watch the world go by. The weather has been so nice lately that I've had the window open so that we get a nice breeze through the house and the cats can smell all the good outside smells and hear the birds singing. So, the other evening I was working on the computer in our bedroom while the cats were oh so innocently sitting on the bench at the window. I got up and went into the studio to shut the window just in time to see Lucy hanging onto the window screen which just happened to be half in and half out of the window. Buddy and Mimi were already outside the window in the front yard. I yelled for Keith and we both went running outside to round up the three kittens, me in my pajamas, and Keith in his tee shirt and undershorts. After a lot of chasing and grabbing, we managed to get all three back into the house, made sure that the window was shut, and threw the now useless broken window screen into the backyard to join the other junk out there. Whew. There is a little boy neighbor cat that likes to come into the yard and taunt the kitties with his freedom, and we think the kittens were just trying to get outside to play with him. Mimi and Lucy are not spayed yet and this boy kitty still has his getting bigger by the day balls so we definitely don't want them 'playing' together.

So, the next day, I have the living room sliding glass door open and come out into the living room to see the screen door open about 8" and immediately panic, running around the house to see which cats have escaped again. Lucy and Mimi were both out in the backyard but were good about letting me grab them up and get them back inside. I still haven't figured out how they managed that one, the only thing I can think of is that the screen must not have been shut all the way and they managed to get their little paws in there to slide the door open.

So, yes, they are constantly plotting behind those innocent eyes.

Cats also like to use your furniture as a scratching post even though they have two very nice expensive kitty condos COMPLETE WITH SCRATCHING POSTS! Our couch, which we only spent about $300 on about 5 years ago has been looking really ratty lately and we've been thinking about buying a new one. But, with all the other projects and expenses this year and last year, I'm just not ready to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on a new scratching post, I mean couch. DSC09278

Each corner of the couch looks like this corner.

So, I had been thinking about trying a slipcover.

I went over to Target-love our Target here, always so nice and clean and not crowded-and found this slipcover. And of course, needed new pillows to go with the slipcover.


And presto magico, a new couch! It was lots of fun getting the two stretchy pieces onto the couch with Mimi jumping on it, biting it, and getting inside the big bag that you put the seat cushions in, but I did it , and Keith actually likes it!


Meghan said...

Cats are always plotting against us. We don't let Frances outside either... we have giant 'coons and bears who will eat him for a first course. One morning Ryan and I were leaving for work, and he left the door open and Frances ran out. It took me two hours to get him back into the house. The next day we left with all the doors locked, and we find him scurrying outside again... It took us another two hours to get him inside. But the true question was, how did he get out? Finally it hits me that he had been escaping from our bathroom window, because the screen was broken. Sneaky sneaky cat.

Rachel said...

That is a superb before and after!