Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Keith the Builder

Keith's latest bug up his ass has been working on our backyard which for the most part is uninhabitable. Summers here are really hot and the backyard just bakes in the sun. He bought some packets of wildflowers last summer and of course couldn't find them, so he bought more packets of wildflowers and started building planter boxes for the wildflowers. He has a vision of blooms surrounded by pavers, a barbecue area, a wood some sort of patio cover, and us sitting in the backyard in the sunshine. Never mind that the house is still not finished and we have half concrete and half partially ripped up linoleum kitchen floor, lets get some wildflowers in the backyard!

The flowers are actually starting to sprout:


This is the beginnings of the planter boxes and patios:


This is what our backyard usually looks like. Sometimes I think we are hillbillies and keep extra sofas and car parts in the yard. Hey, honey, done with the chicken? Just toss the bones out in the yard for the dogs, and be sure to throw the empty beer cans out there too!


And this is the infamous million dollar tool shed that he built last summer. Notice it still hasn't been painted.


And please disregard the assorted piles of junk.

So, maybe by NEXT summer, we'll have a nice backyard.

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