Sunday, March 9, 2008

Remodel This!

We have been living in an in the middle of remodeling house for...oh, maybe six months, a year? It's hard to remember when Keith started all of these projects, it seems like we have always lived this way. We have living room carpet, but no hallway carpet or studio carpet, or kitchen floor. The kitchen is halfway painted and there is no door on the pantry...although that does make for easy access when you need a snack. This is the breakfast bar that Keith had in his head ever since he bought this little house-1000 square feet of it. The island was originally turned around parallel with the window wall and just sat there like an afterthought. It was almost as if the builder said: 'hey, these people may need a little more counterspace so lets just stick an island in the middle of the kitchen so they have to go around it every time they want to get from the sink to the pantry'. So, Keith turned it around and built this breakfast bar/room divider. The kitchen feels a lot roomier now, and it is handy having a place to sit for breakfast or lunch.
He hasn't done much more for the past month, I think he has a little adult ADD-he will start a project and almost but not quite finish, and then he's on to the next, leaving a trail of unfinished projects in his wake. The backyard shed from last summer is still not painted.

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Is this finished???