Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Random Stuff

So, they are naming a street after Merle Haggard tomorrow here in Bakersfield, and apparently he will be in town, too. Funny, I thought he was dead. No, wait, that's Buck Owens, and we already have Buck Owens Blvd here. Plus Buck Owens Crystal Palace. And we have Peanut Street here on my end of town, that's one of my favorite street names.

I have an order for 100 pins for lapinandme which is a UK website with lots of cool stuff. She started buying these pins from me almost a year ago and apparently they are popular over there in the UK. They call them badges, not pins.

This is what the brooch looks like on the website. Cool, huh?

Let's see, what else.

Oh, I took this picture of Lucy tonight in this odd sleeping position:

She looks like the headless cat.

It got up to 72 degrees here today. Then tonight I watched the news of all the snow and ice in the midwest. I don't think I could live where it gets so so cold.

Some kid got shot at an Oxnard school today, the town next to my home town of Ventura. The news said he was in 8th grade. That's what, like 12 or 13 years old? Unbelievable. Or maybe not, considering the gang activity that town is so well known for. A kid was shot to death right in front of my mother in laws house in Oxnard a few years back. And her neighborhood was not exactly the ghetto.

Bakersfield is just about as bad, it's unusual to have a day go by without someone getting shot somewhere in this town.

I bought some drawer organizers to organize my kitchen drawers yesterday. They are sitting on top of the washing machine.
And the load of laundry from yesterday is still in the dryer.
But I did clean the toilet today. But not the rest of the bathroom.

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