Saturday, February 9, 2008

I'm in a Treasury List on Etsy

I usually don't get too excited about being in a treasury list on etsy-after all, there are hundreds of them now, like 23 pages worth and it's just not so special anymore. I was on the front page the other day and didn't know how to take a screenshot until today. So, just thought I'd try doing a screenshot and post it here. I like the theme of this treasury, the carnival and some of my favorite sellers are on it.
Actually, I'm in another list too, so let me go try and screenshot that one. Hold on!

There it is. This one is fun with lots of bright colors.

So, what's a treasury list all about and why is it so important? Well, the front page is frequently chosen from the treasury lists and being on the front page means lots of free exposure for your etsy shop.
I've never made a treasury list and forget to even check it to see if I'm on one, but to some etsyers it's like a day without sunshine if they can't make a treasury list. Before they expanded it the forums were full of threads complaining about how sellers could never snag a list. So they expanded it and now some threads complain about how there are too many lists now.
Just can't win.
Oh, it's hard to see the individual pictures since I know nothing about image size and jpeg and all that, so mine are the ones with the pink polka dot paper background. I won't be using that paper much longer, though, once again I'm redoing all my pictures with different colors of solid paper backgrounds.

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