Thursday, February 14, 2008

More Random Stuff

I was reading's blog the other day and I just don't know how this girl does it. Her shop is probably the most successful shop on etsy, with over 12000 items sold. Yes, 12000! And she keeps up with her blog and is always busy with new things for her shop. Maybe because she is only 24 and still has lots of energy.
I sometimes feel overwhelmed with just my 2 little shops what with trying to keep up with shipping and finding time to create, photograph, and list new things. But, it sure beats the heck out of going to a 'real' job each day.

So, I saw Merle Haggard on the news last night for the dedication of his newly named street. The ceremonies were held at the new Harley Davidson bike shop. He looks like he's been rode hard and put away wet all his life, that's for sure. Apparently he is a native son of Oildale. Oildale is our 'wrong side of the tracks' part of town.

Why can't Keith put a new trash bag in the trash can after he takes the trash out? They are kept only about 12" away from the trash can. And why can't he put the food back where it belongs after he makes a snack? I guess it's that old 'just don't see the milk sitting there on the counter' thing.

And why can't I get my ass in gear and clean the bathroom? I am so tempted to hire someone to come in once a week and clean this house for me.

Our kittens seem to have finally grown out of the sucking on each others bellies thing. They would root around in each others bellies and suck up a flap of belly skin and just suck away. Kind of like a kitty version of a pacifier, I guess. You'd pick up one of the girls and her belly would be all wet and sticky. And every time I pick up Buddy I'm just amazed at how big and solid that kitten has gotten. When we first rescued him his whole body was about the size that his head is now!

We are actually taking a very short vacation this weekend. Sister Heather and her husband Jim are moving to La Paz-I think that's the right place, anyway. They live on a boat and are sailing away to Mexico here in a few weeks and are having an open boat/dock party this weekend. We are staying at a nice hotel Saturday night and visiting with Keith's kids the next morning before heading back home. Our last trip to Ventura was when we stayed at the horrible motel 6 and then had our car break down on the way home so we're hoping we have better luck this time.

I'm still re-working my shop, trying to take new pictures and re-list everything so the shop looks fresher. So, back to work!

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