Friday, February 8, 2008

Clean-well sort of clean-Table

I did it! I finished cleaning my 'studio'-still love using that word even though it makes me sound kind of pretentious. My stuff is organized and I can walk across the floor without fear of tripping over something.
Here is my work table ready to go. And I even cleaned it back up after soldering some pendants today.

Below-these are the storage bins that Keith got for me and installed in the closet to keep all the stuff for my supply shop on etsy-insert shameless So much easier that having everything in plastic bags stuffed in a box in the corner.
And now for today's kitty pictures. This little blue trash can sits behind the printer on top of my desk and Mimi is fascinated by it. She climbed up there and went head first into the trash can. They used to play in it when they were really little. One would be hiding inside and batting at the other ones and then all three would squish themselves inside.

I still haven't gotten in the mood to clean the bathroom...

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Meghan said...

Yes, I now have a blog... It's fun to write... Jen taught me how to add the link. You go to the dashboard, then layout, go to the bottom, and click on add page element... Then use link list, everytime you put another link in, press add and make sure you SAVE or else it all goes away...

Hope all is well in Bakersfield... it stopped snowing, and now its just a little chilly. :]