Friday, January 18, 2008

Two Crashes

The first crash came last night when the phone rang and a crying Katie was on the phone asking for her dad. Katie is Keith's daughter-my stepdaughter-and my first thought was 'oh no she's lost her job or has broken up with her boyfriend'. As I listened to Keith's end of the conversation, it became clear that she had been in an accident. She and her boyfriend had been driving in the fast lane on the freeway to meet some friends for dinner when a Fed-Ex truck that was on the other side of the freeway came across the divider and crashed into their car. She was still in the car and the paramedics had just gotten there when she called Keith. He kept asking her if she was hurt, is she okay, what happened? She just kept saying a Fed-Ex truck had crashed into her car on the driver's side and yes, the air bags went off, and no, she didn't think that she was hurt except that she had bumped her head somewhere.
They talked for a few minutes and then hung up so the paramedics could take a look at her and her boyfriend, John. She called about an hour later from home, said the paramedics told her to see her doctor today and that it looked like she was okay. I don't think the Fed-Ex driver fared so well, though. She said a drunk driver with a three year old child in the car rear-ended the Fed-Ex truck causing him to lose control and crash over the freeway divider, hitting Katie's car and spinning them around, and then two cars that were behind Katie crashed into the Fed-Ex truck, spinning him around. She said that the Fed-Ex driver was taken off in the ambulance and debris and car parts were all over the freeway. Her car is probably a total loss, the front end is pretty much ripped off. Keith said that he is always a little afraid that one day he's going to get that phone call where Katie has not been so lucky in an accident, this is about the fifth accident she's been involved in, and she's only 25. She does like to drive fast and doesn't always pay enough attention to what's going on around her, but this accident was definitely a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, not her fault at all. We're just really glad that all she has is a bumped head, if not for those side air bags she probably would have been seriously hurt or killed. We're now just hoping that the drunk driver who was taken to jail has some insurance to pay for all the damage he caused, and we're hoping that the poor Fed-Ex guy lived through it.

So, be careful driving, you just never know what's coming at you.

The second crash is not so dramatic. This morning I was peacefully sitting at the computer when I heard a huge crash coming from the kitchen and the sound of numerous panicked cats running in all directions. I went looking to see what happened and found the stopper from the sink in the middle of the floor, the salt and pepper shakers lying on their sides on the counter with pepper all over the counter, and my pitcher that I keep my utensils in was still upright on the counter but with a huge hole knocked in the side of it. I have no idea how this all came to be.

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