Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cute Kittens and Crash Update

I just love it when the kittens are cuddled up together sleeping, they look so sweet! Never mind that as soon as they wake up they'll find something to get into.

Keith called Katie last night to see how she was feeling and got a little more information about the crash. The police estimated that the drunk that caused the whole thing was going about 90 when he crashed into the back of the Fed-Ex truck. The roof of Katie's car is now about 3" above the neckrest on her seat, she said the airbags kind of pushed her head down into John's lap-good thing or she probably would have had her head crushed. All the glass in the windshield and driver's window is shattered and John did get a cut on his head. The Fed-Ex driver is in critical condition.
Her insurance company has already arranged for a rental car for 30 days and is wanting to get her car repaired rather than total it, so we'll see if the body shop thinks that can be done.
Just hoping the poor Fed-Ex driver makes it through all this.

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