Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mmm...Coffee and Getting Sucked into the Void

I'm enjoying my second cup of coffee this morning. I've always loved coffee with splenda and sugar free french vanilla creamer but had quit drinking it and opted for tea-with splenda and sugar free french vanilla creamer-for quite a while. We just bought a new coffee pot and now I fill it up after dinner and put the coffee in so Keith can flip it on at 4:30 am and have some coffee on his way to work. He convinced me to try Dunkin Donuts brand coffee, and you know what? Beats Starbucks or any other brand I've tried hands down. We get the breakfast blend which has a nice mild flavor and doesn't give you the jitters or that coffee stomach like some brands do. Yummy stuff!

Now, I used to be an avid TV watcher and had my favorite must see shows, but in recent years I all but quit watching regular TV. We don't have cable because we are cheap and don't want to spend all that money for 100's of channels only to find out that there's still NOTHING ON TV!!!
I do buy shows such as The Sopranos and Six Feet Under on DVD so I can watch them when I want to, not when the TV gods say that I must watch. I just recently got Dead Like Me and am getting hooked on that one. Dexter is great, too, and of course, Nip Tuck. What did I ever do before the DVD was invented?

Well, I watched crap like American Idol. I saw the promo for it on Tuesday and before I knew it I was sitting on the couch at 8pm being sucked into the American Idol wastelands. I CAN'T STOP! Last night I was ON THE COUCH AGAIN for the second installment. Two nights wasted on this drivel. Four hours out of my life being sucked away.
What is it about this show that makes me want to sit on the couch like a slug and stare fascinated at the TV screen for two hours a night? It's like a train wreck, a bloody accident on the other side of the road, you just have to look.
And watching that poor chubby little 16 year old with the sick mom trying to sing and then those tears running down her face just about broke my heart. Even though I know it was probably all in the script. I guess American Idol is the modern equivalent of the old Freak Shows at the carnival-yes I want to see the Geek who bites the heads off chickens or the Fat Lady or the Two Headed Boy-you betcha!

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Jennifer said...

I cant stop watching American Idol either. i was completly sucked in. The black girl broke my heart too. At Simon was nice that tim when he told her no.