Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cats and More Wasted Time

I did it again, I watched American Idol last night. I'm so glad the show was only an hour this time. The highlights were the very strange man with the really long fingernails and the big fan-very odd person, but he's had his 5 minutes now. The most heartwarming one was the 16 year old who'd had issues with his vocal cords, he had a good voice and seemed like a really nice kid. The one guy who's been trying out with his mom taking him all over the country really needs to tell his mom that she needs to find another obsession.

We had some sun yesterday so the kids took advantage of a sunny spot in the bedroom.

Like Keith says, these cats may have cost us thousands of dollars but it's moments like these that make it all worth every penny.

Buddy is so funny, he has one special little fluffly jingle toy that he just loves. He runs around the house jingling with the girls chasing him trying to get the toy. If anyone gets to close, he growls at us with the toy firmly in his mouth. We upended the couch the other day after I noticed the kitties were getting low on toys and it was like a kitty toy smorgasbord under there! There must have been 30 toys plus a few magnets from the fridge and a charm or two from my workroom under the couch. We stopped by Petco to check out some new toys and got a bag full of the discounted Christmas kitty toys for 7.00. Who cares if they have Santas and stuff on them, the kittens thought it was Christmas all over again!

Oh, and if you don't have insurance in this town, don't try and go see a urologist. Our doctor made an appointment for Keith with one, so Keith took the day off work-with no pay-and we were turned away because we don't have insurance right now. I guess the uninsured are the new lepers.

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