Sunday, January 27, 2008

We Are Pretty Boring

Sometimes it's hard to think of something to blog about since our lives are

Here's how we spent our Sunday: Had our coffee and some breakfast-no eggs since we were out of them and no eating out since we already did that twice this weekend. Last night we went across town to Carrow's since we had a coupon for 50% off one entree with the purchase of another. Definitely not worth it, Carrow's is about the same as Denny's which I didn't realize until after we got our food.
We needed some stuff from walmart so we did our shopping there and then went to Von's for the groceries. Note to self: Keith likes to browse, only go shopping with him when absolutely necessary. I spent half my time in Vons waiting at the end of each aisle for him to catch up.
We've had some strange weather this weekend so we came out of Von's to hurricane force wind and big fat rain drops. A few hours later it must have been the eye of the hurricane because the sun was shining and everything was calm.
After lunch, I went into my studio to do a little work and take some pictures. Keith spent the entire afternoon rolling up coins. He had been throwing his change into a big glass jar and the jar was full, so he sat there watching his new war documentary that he got at walmart and rolled up over 250.00 worth of change. I told him to save it for the new saw that he wants.
That was our fun and exciting Sunday. I wish he had done some more work on the remodel, but he does deserve a day off to just roll coins I guess.

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