Sunday, December 16, 2007

Two Posts in One Day?

Unheard of for me but this is just too exciting to not write about it right now right here!
After weeks and weeks and weeks of uncarpeted living room the floor is being laid at this very moment! We painted the living room a few weeks ago, but please ignore the trim around the slider that isn't done yet, and now finally finally finally the carpet is going in! We put all the furniture out in the backyard this morning, Keith got the baseboards cut, and now it is almost 8 pm and after much figuring, laying, thinking, etc., he is actually putting the carpet to the floor!
This carpet is for do-it-yourselfers, it's not unlike the tile squares that you peel and stick. It comes complete with padding on the back and just locks together and doesn't need glue.

I told him he has to finish it since all the crap that was in the furniture, including the tv, is ON OUR BED and we can't go to bed tonight until the furniture is BACK IN THE LIVING ROOM!
This is our furniture out in the back yard-please excuse the reflection of the window in the window-it's dark outside and our furniture looks cold.

And this is our bed. The kittens think it's okay for sleeping but I don't think I'd be very comfortable sleeping on the tv.

Please note the Dexter book on top of all the junk. We bought the show Dexter on DVD and just loved it. I had to read the book, which was pretty good, there are 2 others that I need to get and read. Everyone's favorite serial killer!

Okay, wish me luck that I actually get to sleep in my bed minus the tv sometime before midnight!

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