Monday, December 17, 2007

Murphy's Law and Cat Stuff

My living room carpet is not finished yet. Why? Because five-count them, yes FIVE-boxes of the carpet tiles were defective! The padding on the back of them was missing in the center of every single tile which would make a perfect sunken line running through the carpet if you laid them on the floor. So we had to take five boxes of carpet back to Home Depot so they could order us five more. Which will take a few weeks. Aaarrgghh!

Now for cat stuff.

We probably have spent a few hundred dollars on little cat toys to entertain our kids over the past 3 years. Lord knows when we move the couch about 20 assorted mice and balls and fluffy things are always found under there. So what entertains Mimi the most besides my rubber bands for my hair?
Wadded up paper.

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