Sunday, December 16, 2007

Why am I So Tired and Cranky this Morning?

Last night I worked until about 11pm on a special order while Keith was painting baseboards. Not the first batch of baseboard that he bought. He brought home two bundles of baseboards for a total of about 200.00, started measuring and cutting, went back to Home Depot, came home again, bundled back up the baseboards, took them back to Home Depot, and came home with more bundles of different baseboards. Seems that the first batch were not tall enough and we would have parts of the walls where the old baseboards were that would need to be patched.
So, he's painting baseboards in hopes of actually installing them today and getting our carpet finally finally put in the living room. We're both getting tired as it's now about 12 pm, so he says 'I'm ready for bed'-and proceeds to sit on the couch in front of the tv.
Me: 'Are you coming to bed?"
Him: watches tv
I give up, tell him to turn down the tv so I can go to bed.
I left the bathroom door open thinking that the kittens wouldn't bother me too much since Keith was still on the couch and they could bother him.
12:30pm: I'm almost asleep, feel little kitty paws on my pillow and look over to see Lucy about 2" away from my face staring at me intently.
12:35pm: Feel more kitty paws on my pillow and look over to see Buddy and Lucy standing on my nightstand staring intently at me. Realize they have knocked over my full glass of water.
12:40pm: Try to round up kittens to throw them out of the bedroom, grab Buddy and Mimi while Lucy runs under the bed to hide.
12:45pm: Go into living room to get more water, see Keith still watching tv with his eyes closed. Yell at Keith: TURN THAT OFF AND GO TO BED!!!
12:50pm: Back in bed trying to go to sleep.
12:55pm: Once more feel kitty paws on my pillow and look over to see Lucy once again staring intently at me from about 1" away.
1:00am: Get up to kick Lucy out of the bedroom.
1:05am: Keith finally comes to bed, now I have to get up for aspirin because my neck is hurting.
1:30am: Finally fall asleep with no kittens staring at me.

5:55am: Wake up to Buddy nuzzling and purring, nuzzling and purring. Wake up Keith yelling 'What the hell is he doing in here?' Seems he snuck in after Keith got up to go feed kittens.
6:00am: Kick Buddy out of the bedroom, go back to sleep.
7:55am: Wake up, drag out of bed to go make tea. Kittens are lying in wait outside the bedroom door ready for their daily stampede into the bedroom. It's kind of like watching rats fleeing a sinking ship when they do this, as soon as you open the door, they go QUICK MAKE A RUN FOR IT!!!
They run into the bedroom like something really exciting is waiting for them in here, look around, jump on the bed, realize nothing exciting is in here, then follow me out to the kitchen.

So now I'm finally awake but my neck still hurts and I have to do the dreaded grocery shopping this morning as once again, we have a refigerator that looks full, but there's nothing to eat.

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