Thursday, November 1, 2007

What Am I Working On and Favorite Cat Toys

Last year I bought a box of vintage Christmas cards at a local antique store intending to make some wreaths or shadowboxes for the holidays, which I never did. Since so much of what I do involves glass and solder, I decided to use these cards for one of a kind pendants. I love the way these came out with the vintagey 50's feel to them. I used part of the text from inside the cards on the backs of these pendants.

And, cat toys.
Like many cat parents, we overindulge our kitties with new toys every time we go shopping. The kittens are just like little kids, peeking into the bags saying 'What did you bring me?'
They love the little fuzzy mice and will toss them around long enough for them to get stuck under the refrigerator or stove. I'm dreading what we will find when we move the appliances to paint and put in our new floor.
Next time I buy cat toys I'm getting a package of the coated rubber bands that I use for my hair. Mimi seeks these out and carries them around the house, batting at them and chasing them. They are not as painful when you step on them in the middle of the night.
Mimi's other recent favorite is a postcard type piece of junk mail that was folded up and ready for the trash can. She found this card and chased it and carried it from room to room.
They also like boxes, kind of like when you buy the kids expensive Christmas toys and they have more fun playing with the box that they come in.

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Ben Can Dance said...

I love your stuff! Those pendants made from vintage christmas cards are GREAT. :)