Thursday, October 25, 2007

Re-Doing My Shop Today

So, I'm working on re-doing my etsy shop today. I was taking some pictures of new things and decided I was tired of the same old paper background that I have been using. I like to use the same background in all the pictures as a way of unifying my shop and creating a look that buyers might recognize. I experimented with some other papers but didn't like how blah they looked and then thought of trying some of my candy lunch boxes. I love bright things (and candy) and just have to buy these lunchboxes when I see them. The latest two I got at Vons at back to school time, a blow pop one and a dots one. I have a few of the mini ones that came with candy inside that I found at Michaels.
This is one of the mini ones, Sugar Daddy, and one of my new soldered glass pendants. I have been doing the microscope slide pendants for a long time and wanted to try a skinny version by cutting the slide in half. Before when I have cut glass I have snapped it by just holding it in my fingers and snapping, but was really afraid to try it with such a narrow cut. I had the brilliant-at least I think it's brilliant-idea of using small clamps to hold the glass to snap it, and whaddya know it worked!
The other picture is of one of my Whole Lot of Junk charm necklaces. These are fun and pretty easy to make, just combining plastic charms and flowers on a chain.
I'm going to try and retake the pictures of all the things in my shop today, add some new things, and take out some old things that are just kind of sitting there.

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