Friday, October 5, 2007

The Great Kern County Fair

Last week we went to the 'great' Kern County Fair here in Bakersfield. We had only been there once before when we first moved here and just weren't that impressed with it. After so many years of going to the Ventura County Fair nothing else really compares.
So, we decided to give it another try and actually had a nice time. We're not into the carnival rides so we skip that part of the fair all together, we like to look at the animals and the exhibits. I've always enjoyed the Ventura fair that devotes entire buildings to the kid's exhibits, agriculture, and the arts. Finding any of these things at the Kern fair takes some sleuthing. The 4-H building is hidden away near the barns, the home arts building is hidden behind one of the commercial buildings, and we never did find anything to do with agriculture, which really surprised me seeing that so much food is grown here.
But we did get to see an animal show that all the kids watching went wild for. They had goats and a little pig running around a racetrack called 'gascar critter racing'. One of the goats said 'screw this going around the racetrack, I'll just jump over the fences to the finish line'. They had a baby wallabee in a tote bag that simulated mama's pouch that they fed a bottle to and then brought around so the kids could see it.
Of course, I forgot the camera or else I would have a real cute picture of the 'joey'.
We ate a crappy burrito and hamburger, a good cinnamon roll, and some ice cream. I didn't try the deep fried snickers bar, I'll save that for next year.
Keith's favorite thing at the fair is the beer, of course.
We did get to see the worst Elvis impersonator ever-a very skinny legged man with a black pageboy wig on doing his best to do the Elvis hip gyrating up there on that stage. It was kind of painful watching that.
I miss the Ventura Fair with the fireworks every night. I know where all the exhibits are and most importantly, where all the rest rooms are at that fair. Even the rest rooms are well hidden at the Kern County Fair

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