Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What Is So Fascinating

About mopping the bathroom floor?

So, I decided to clean the bathroom this morning, which was long overdue as I'm lazy and hate cleaning the bathroom. As I'm sweeping the floor with my audience of three kittens Buddy is watching from his perch on the little bookshelf in our tiny bathroom. I bend over to sweep the sweepings into the dustpan and next thing I know I have a quite large kitten walking around on my bent over back. I don't want to abruptly stand up and make him get off my back as I really don't want fresh claw marks up and down my back. So, still bent over with this kitten on my back, I slowly slide over to the bookshelf hoping he will jump back onto the bookshelf, which he does.
Okay, so time to mop the now swept floor. Three kittens heads go back and forth with every movement of the mop. Now I know kittens love movement but come on, a mop? It's just not that fascinating, and it's a little difficult to mop when you have to keep mopping kittens out of the way.
But, at least the bathroom looks a little better even if I did skip cleaning the shower for now.
I'm sure I'll have an audience for that, too. Maybe even a standing ovation.

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