Sunday, September 16, 2007

Two Thousand and Ninety Dollars

Sounds like a lot of money, doesn' t it? What would you do if you had that much money in your pocket right now?
Well, we would buy more new flooring for our house and maybe even pay someone to put it in our house for us if we had two thousand and ninety dollars in our pockets.
But, we don't have two thousand and ninety dollars in our pockets because....

That is how much money we have spent on our kittens since we found them in June. We just took them to the vet yesterday for their last round of kitten shots and found out they all have an intestinal parasite that they must have gotten from Pepper, who has been treated for this parasite many times but not cured. The medicine we had to give Pepper must be extremely vile as it caused her to foam at the mouth and run around the house like her tail was on fire. After the last round didn't work, her vet said to just keep an eye on her and not to keep traumatizing her with this horrible medicine. So, we have to give the kittens some of this medicine to try and get rid of this parasite, which they are not too happy about, and we'll be taking Pepper in to the kittens vet who says he can give her an injectable dose of this medicine, which the first vet never offered. However, this injectable dose is way more expensive than the oral version. But, if we don't get rid of this parasite in all the cats, it will just keep on being spread from kitty to kitty. We are supposed to keep the cats separated until they are cured. Poor Pepper doesn't understand why she is being punished by being shut in one bedroom, the other two big girls, Bear and Harrison are unhappy in another bedroom, and the kittens have the living room since we don't want them either running around our bedroom all night or tearing up my things in my studio all night. Well, after one day of this, we have had to let them out of the bedrooms for a while but have to watch them so they don't poo in the kittens' litter box and vice versa.


And, Pepper went to her vet on Friday for another 90 some dollars because her eye was looking weird and we find out she has feline herpes and possibly arthritis, which may be the reason she acts so cranky sometimes, she just doesn't feel well. She also had to have her anal sacs expressed because she is too chubby to clean herself properly and also needs more fiber in her diet. So, I'm sure she'll be really happy to be visiting another vet tomorrow.

I'm thinking by the time we finish with all these vet visits we'll be in the neighborhood of oh, around three thousand?

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iSew said...

Arrgh it right. I spent over $6,000 on one of my kitties after a recent move. Long story, but I know how you feel. Hope it your kitties are all in good health soon.