Sunday, September 9, 2007

Time Warp

Last night Keith was flipping channels in a fit of boredom (again) and all of a sudden we were transported back to 1976-insert twilight zone music here-and I was sitting in my grandparents living room watching Lawrence Welk. We were treated to a man in a lime green suit with a huge white collar on his shirt crooning some song that you probably heard in an elevator last week. I didn't grab the camera fast enough to catch the lime green suit but the big floral print one is almost as good.
Whatever happened to the Variety Show on tv? I miss Sonny and Cher and the Smothers Brothers. The whole family could gather round the tv on a Saturday night and see some good clean wholesome entertainment. Sing along with Mitch and the bouncing ball, what could possibly be more fun than that?
No, now we have to watch people eating bugs or boxing celebrities or showing their boobs on Jerry Springer for a string of beads. Bring back Carol Burnett I say!

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