Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Blogged Down

I knew when I started this blog that eventually it would get neglected just like the laundry does. I've been meaning to find something to write about all this past week but there's really nothing new or exciting to talk about. I did have my birthday and we did go out to dinner. Not to my first choice of restaurant because it was too crowded. I think everyone else in this town hates to cook almost as much as I do, the restaurants here are always busy. Well, except for the Pedal Car Cafe at times, we ate dinner there one night and we were the only customers. That was a little strange, I sort of felt like we were in the Twilight Zone and the outside world had ended or something. Anyway, I wanted to go to BJ's because they have great chips and salsa for starters and a crispy chicken salad that I have tried to duplicate at home, but it's just not as good. Maybe because I bake the chicken instead of deep frying. Everything tastes better deep fried. We ended up at The Elephant Bar and I had a crispy chicken salad, but it just wasn't the same. I did have two mai tais but since I hardly ever drink anymore, it made me feel kind of icky. Then we came home and went to bed. Poor Keith had been working out in the 100+ degree weather for about 10 hours so he wasn't in the most jovial mood that night.
I did buy myself a birthday present (since nobody else was going to). I had been wanting a portable dvd player so I could watch tv shows or movies while working in the 'studio'-sorry, I hate the word craft room but studio sounds like I'm trying to be all artsy or something. So after going to a couple of stores I found one at Best Buy with a little bit bigger screen than most. so far it's been great-I tend to stay at my workbench a little longer instead of getting bored and jumping on the computer to see what's going on in etsyland. It comes with a remote which I thought was odd until I realized you can plug this thing into your tv and use it like a regular dvd player. I was thinking that we really are incredibly lazy if we can't push the button on a machine that is about 4" away from us without a remote.
But, I'm enjoying it, I watched The Office seasons one and two again-can't wait for three to come out, I don't watch regular tv, can't stand all those commercials, so I watch everything on dvd-and now am going to watch all the seasons of Sex and The City. I tried watching a movie while working but have discovered that short episodes of shows work better as I'm trying to work on things at the same time. See, all those years of watching tv while doing your homework pays off, it helps you learn how to multitask.

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jinnyscloset said...

hello geelizzie:
Found you from etsy. Just added you to my lists of fav blogs to read. You have a new groupie.
I just had to tell you after I had my Sex in the city marathon. I went and rented Coupling the bbc version. I think you will like it if you end up liking sex in the city.
Happy Belated Birthday