Thursday, June 7, 2007

Where Do I Find Cool Stuff?

crimsoncat asks where do I find some of the things that I use in my art?
Well, without divulging all of my secrets, I'll have to say anywhere and everywhere.
Dollar stores, party supply stores, ebay, antique stores, even etsy! We have lots of supplies available on etsy and I love supporting my fellow etsyers.
We do have a few really cool antique stores here in Bakersfield. Yes, I know, this is hicksville, but this is a major city in central CA and we do have pretty much everything here that other large cities have, even our own international airport!
The downtown is somewhat run down like most large cities that have so much surrounding land to spread out in. But, downtown is where the antique stores are, in between the pawn shops and the adult bookstores. Oh, and we just got our third strip club here in town! Now, that's something to write home about!
My favorite antique store is on 19th Street-The Five and Dime Antique Mall. For those of you nostalgic for the old Woolworth's stores, this mall is in the actual Woolworth building, all three stories of it. The old luncheonette has been saved and still serves hot fudge sundaes. This is one of those malls that have the little divided booths for rent for all the antique dealers. So much fun to browse and find that little treasure. Lots of junk in with the treasures, of course, but I've never come out of there empty-handed. My last treasure was a huge old book of sheet music for $6.00 that I use in my collage.
And it's so handy, after your antiquing trip you can hit the porn store to check out the latest offerings there! It's right down the street!

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crimsoncat05 said...

Sounds like a great antique mall! I love poking around in that kind of place... you never know what you'll find tucked away in a box under a table! Alas, I haven't found that kind of store in Phoenix yet... hopefully sometime soon!