Saturday, June 9, 2007


This is Pepper, the cranky tabby. She loves to 'hide' inside her newspaper tent. She thinks nobody can see her although her tail usually gives her away. When she is hiding if you get near her she growls and hisses at you and may even swipe at you if you're not careful. When she gets bored of hiding, she likes to shred the paper.

Either that or she scans the ads to see if there are some other nicer humans looking for a cat to spoil. A home that she doesn't have to share with two other cats. A home where the tuna is always fresh and she has her own kitty condo. A home where she never has to go to the vet or use a not so clean kitty box. A home with fresh catnip and a new fuzzy mouse every day. Sometimes I think she is plotting ways to get rid of us, but I think she realizes that she can't open the cat food by herself, so she tolerates us.

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