Wednesday, June 6, 2007

what am I doing starting a blog?

I've thought about starting a blog for a while, but wondered if I was just too lazy to keep up with it. While reading a post on the forums about blogs, I got to thinking a little more about it. I commented in the forum that I might be too lazy to keep up with a blog since I am so lazy that I had to go commando the other day because I hadn't done the laundry yet and had no clean underwear. I was also too lazy to go 1/2 mile down the street to Target to buy some more underwear. Of course, I had no underwear to put on to go to Target in the first place.

So, I finally decided to do the laundry and start a blog and see what happens.

And, yes, I am wearing clean underwear today.

But what to write about?

Laundry? Why do I procrastinate on getting those dirty clothes into the washer? It's not that hard-throw them in, add some soap, and twist the dial. Oh, but then I actually have to take the clean wet clothes out and throw them in the dryer! And then I have to FOLD those clothes. Aaargghh! Too much work! Must be why there is a basket of clean clothes on the kitchen floor and a dryer still full of more clean clothes. Well. at least I remembered to turn on the dryer. Okay, I will go fold those clothes now. Of course they will stay stacked on the bed until I want to get in it tonight and finally have to put them away.


GalleriaLinda said...

Welcome to the great world of blogs! I will check back.

BTW - I can make it to the dry clothes in the dryer - that is where the kink is in my system - folding and putting away!

Great underwear story....


iSew said...

Congrats on the blog. Looking good so far.

If you just do the laundry as it happens, it won't pile up on you silly girl. Put the stuff in the dryer right away & fold it when it's done. I think it seems like even more work when it's left sitting around. It kind of haunts you.

BetteJo said...

At MY house - when I do my laundry I HAVE to get it out of the dryer or my 21 year old daughter will steal my socks and yes, even my underwear if she hasn't done HER laundry!
Survival of the cleanest at MY house!
Keep blogging - it's fun!

E & E Bungalow said...

Welcome and congrats on starting your new blog! I laughed out loud reading your first post as I can absolutely relate! All that housework piling up and me not getting up to do them!

Speaking of which, I've got 4 loads to do soon... :)

crimsoncat05 said...

congrats on the blog!! and we have a similar issue... the clean clothes stay folded in the laundry basket, till they end up getting worn again! (and just in case you need future topic ideas, I for one would personally be interested in how/where you find all the super-cool, fun stuff you use in your art- do you have really good flea markets or antique shops where you live??)

Sadie Lou said...

Hello! Found you on the thread that says blogging is useless! How funny that the thread is turning into a place for bloggers to network!
Visit me!

Jim & Heather on catamaran "Meerkat" said...

Ha ha ha!! Didn't our mother teach you anything?? Too funny. Going commando is acceptable on a boat - then you go thru less fresh water and don't get sore butts from salt water. I thought for sure she would have taught you that one...
Should be fun to read your blog!
love you,
your sister