Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Babies in the Bathroom

Once again, we have stray kittens in the bathroom. Each year we have a new crop of neighborhood strays having kittens. In fact, two of our cats, Bear and Little Bit were from two of these litters. We have had a ginger colored cat hanging around looking for food lately. Our neighbor down the street had been feeding her and noticed she was gone for a few days and asked us to check our yard for the kittens. The mama cat has been in our backyard a lot waiting for a handout, and, sure enough, she had 3 kittens hidden away. We put them in a box outside and she came and took one of them away, so I brought the other two in and went and got formula and kitten bottles. They look like they are maybe 3 weeks old-a ginger one, grey one, and a white one that the mama took. The mama cat is feral so we unfortunately need to take her to the pound. We'll get these kittens fattened up and take them to the spca for adoption or just give them away outside wal-mart.
The last time we bottle fed kittens we had four of them and found them all homes even though I wanted to keep them. They were a siamese mix and really pretty. My favorite was a little guy I called Butterball-he was the fattest one and would growl if the others got too close to his food. I'm sure I'll want to keep one of these, but with 3 housecats already, it's getting a little crowded around here.
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