Thursday, June 14, 2007

Little Bitty Kitty

This little orange guy is one of the stray kittens we are feeding. The other two have goopy eyes and this one sneezes, so they're all going to the vet tomorrow to get checked out. They're starting to get the hang of the bottle, and I've gotten them peeing. You have to wipe their bottoms with a warm wet cotton ball as if the mama was licking them to get them to pee. No poop yet, hope they're not constipated.
They're getting a little adventurous and are checking out the confines of the bathroom. It's funny to watch them wobble around and bump into each other.
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crimsoncat05 said...

awwww, how cuuuuuute! makes me nostalgic for when my (now) senior-citizen kitties were little!

BetteJo said...

Ohhhhh - I wish I could do that! My 4 cats wouldn't like any others hanging around though, and there isn't someone home all the time to take care of little ones like that. I'm glad you do it though - good to keep the population of feral kitties down and find good homes for the babies!