Thursday, June 16, 2016

Vacation Week and Some More Crochet

Keith started his vacation on Monday and so far he has been working on fixing the side yard fence all week. He started the job last week when he had a day off in between train trips by taking all of the pickets off of two sections of fence that were falling down. Since the neighbors moved last week he figured this was as good a time as any to fix the fence. I was hoping he would take this week to work on inside projects but oh, well...

He has been working on the fence for 4 days now and it is still not finished because he is very exacting when he does a fixing type job which is why they take so long and sometimes NEVER get finished. He can't just put in new posts and hammer the boards back up, he has also been putting bricks down under where the boards will go and why I don't know but maybe by the end of the week the fence will be back up. Or maybe not.
The cats have totally been enjoying exploring a new back yard and Buddy seems to think that the little bit of cement doorstep under their side door is his new spot to sit. And speaking of cats, the people left their tiny new kitten at the house because they couldn't take it with them. We could hear the cat crying and saw it at the back sliding door and then the day before yesterday Keith found it sleeping in a flower pot outside the back door. We don't know if someone came back by and just opened the door for the cat to go out or what, but there was no food or water left for the poor thing so Keith brought it over to get some food for it. I should say 'him' because we think it is a boy kitty, but the poor thing was absolutely ravenous. Very curious, too, and so was Millie when she saw him. She followed that kitten around for hours. Joe had been talking about a kitten that was abandoned at the hotel where they stay in Barstow and how he wanted to bring that kitten home so I texted him a picture of this kitten and said come and get him if you want. Which he did. He doesn't really need another animal (who does?) but the kitten will get a good home with him. I stopped by his house for a minute yesterday and the kitten has made himself very much at home although his other 2 cats are not too thrilled with the whole idea.
Today is Keith's birthday and we think he is 58. We are getting to where we can't hardly remember what day of the week it is never mind how old we are. I'm guessing we will go out to eat tonight and am hoping we will find a restaurant that actually serves us a decent meal. We don't know what it is with the restaurants in this town, we will go to one and it is good and then we will go back again and it is not good. Like Mauricio's Mexican restaurant down the street, good food for quite a few visits and then the last time we went we decided it is now off of our list because it was terrible.

It's been difficult keeping the house clean this week, Keith is not known for his neatness nor does he clean up after himself very well. Things like used coffee K-cups put in the sink instead of 3 steps over and into the trash can and milk left on the counter top. Maybe some dirty socks on the floor or a t-shirt left draped over a chair. Plus with him working and sawing and such in the back yard, lots of dirt getting tracked in the door. But at least he is keeping himself busy instead of laying in the recliner watching Jerry Springer or Cops all day. Could be worse. And since he can't drink beer anymore it's good for him to stay busy and keep his mind off of cold beers. He did kind of luck out on the weather, it's been much cooler this week, cool enough to where we didn't even turn on the air conditioner yesterday.

I was intending to make this throw/blanket big enough for my bed but after putting together another row of it last night decided to make it smaller and use it on the recliner chair. Keith likes to sleep in that chair and it gets dirty from his sweaty head on the back of it. We had gotten a chair cover thing from one of those everything you never thought you needed type catalogs but it didn't stay on the chair all that well and just annoyed the heck out of me so that went into the trash and the crochet throw went onto the chair.


Jennifer said...

I love that pattern!

DancingMooney said...

Hi Elizabeth! I haven't been blogging much lately either, and sometimes I can't decide if I should just delete the damned thing or not.

It sounds like Keith is still working (though on vacation) so that's good news! Hope you get your fence done soon. ;)

Happy Summer to you!