Sunday, June 12, 2016

My Poor Neglected Blog

It's not that I've been too busy to post here, it's more like I am too lazy and/or have absolutely nothing to post about, ha ha. We are definitely living up to our reputation for being extremely boring and not doing much of anything at all. Other than cleaning up after animals of course.

It's been an odd couple of weeks on our block, first the Diesel the Dog's family moved away so Millie is a bit confused over where her little energetic friend went. She likes to go out front multiple times a day, getting all excited and dancing around by the front door when you say do you want to go outside. YES I DO want to go outside and hurry up about opening that door already! She runs out and chases off any birds that might be lurking near the bird feeder then goes and checks under the daisy bush for the cat that likes to sleep under there. Then she sniffs around for a while and eventually lays down in the yard to enjoy the sunshine and birds singing. But where is my little friend Diesel?

Then this past week the guy across the street packed up and moved back to Florida and then 2 days later the neighbors next door moved back to Visalia. It's like everyone is jumping ship around here, lots of houses up for sale in the neighborhood and it seems like you see another U-Haul truck going down the street every week.

I drink my coffee on the porch while Millie is in the yard early in the day and lately have been bringing some crochet out to work on. It's not too hot yet in the mornings to where you can't sit outside but I do look for a shady spot under the tree. We had a heat wave a week or so ago where it was over 100 each day for about 8 days, the worst day getting up to 108. We are back to the normal high 80s low 90s for a while which after the 108 day seems absolutely balmy.
Millie guarding the yard here.

I have been re-learning how to crochet, not having done any of that type of needlework in probably 25 years, but it's kind of like riding a bike, you get back on and pedal away. I did a few dishcloths but those got boring real quick so have been doing variations on granny squares and a real easy medallion pattern that I found in an old crochet book I picked up at the used book store. I have about 3 projects going because hello, boredom, I'm tired of working on this pattern and need something else for a while! This is what I'm currently working on, it is about 1/3 of the way done and will eventually be an afghan/bedspread type thing. I'm sure the cats will really enjoy it when it's spread out on the bed. That is not who I'm actually making this for but anything is fair play when it comes to a cat. Or a dog for that matter.

I went to the colonoscopy doctor for my follow up and while I have no weird cancers and only had one polyp that they removed, my pancreas is not working right so he prescribed digestive enzymes and gave me some samples of them. I'm having a hard time remembering to take them, which you are supposed to do every time you eat, but hopefully will get into the habit of reaching for that pill bottle before meals soon. I read the paperwork that comes with the pills and was a bit taken aback to find out that they are made out of pig pancreases.

I've gotten a little hooked on the home remodel shows on HGTV lately. I've been crocheting and 'watching' while I crochet and really like a few of the shows, they have some really good ideas on fixing up your house. Unfortunately we don't have any money to implement some of those ideas much as I'd like to. Things like tiling in your shower and updating your kitchen counters and cabinets. Also flooring, they are real big on the laminate floors that look like wood and that is what I want in this house instead of the nasty cheap carpet that we have. Someday we will get our new floors but I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for them. I probably shouldn't watch those shows in the meantime because it's like going to see a model home in a new neighborhood and then coming home to your old house where it seems even smaller and older and you wish you could afford that shiny new house.

Keith is on vacation next week but I don't think we will be going anywhere except maybe out to dinner for his birthday on the 16th. He has lots of projects that he needs to work on, projects that have been waiting to be finished for years, but he started fixing the falling down fence between our house and the now vacant one so that will probably take up most of his energy for fixing things.

I am just hoping that we don't end the vacation week by strangling each other, we aren't used to so much 'together' time these days and do tend to drive each other crazy sometimes.

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