Monday, March 14, 2016

Front Yard Flowers

Our front yard is looking really good this year if I do say so myself. It's green for the first time in years (thanks, little bit of rain we've had) even if the green is all weeds and weird grasses. The flowers in the flower beds were all low maintenance this year, having planted them a year or two ago, and with the white daisy flowers having re-seeded themselves, no planting at all this year to get a really full looking flower bed.

I did a bunch of yard work yesterday and I think my new yard work day is going to be on Sundays. All week long I listen to gardeners coming and going around the neighborhood with their extremely loud leaf blowers, all week long when most of the neighbors are at work and don't have to put up with the noise. So, my neighbors are going to listen to me weed whacking and mowing on Sundays and they should be really glad that I don't have a leaf blower to annoy them even further.

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