Thursday, March 10, 2016

African Daisies and Little Light Up Birds

I don't shop at Walgreen's all that often but do use their pharmacy every once in awhile, like the other day when I was getting the suprep stuff for Keith's colonoscopy next week. Every gastro doctor seems to have a different regimen, his is exlax tablets and the suprep drink, my upcoming colonoscopy is dulcolax tablets and a huge bottle of miralax that you mix up with a huge bottle of gatorade. They used to make you do enemas and I'm sure some doctors still do, but I'm glad ours don't anymore. My colonoscopy prep from 9 years ago involved not one but two enemas. Fun.

Anyway, I was picking up his prescription of suprep and wandered into the garden aisle at Walgreen's, a very tiny garden aisle but with some very cute little bird lights. I can't remember the exact price of these, somewhere around $8.00.

And as you can see, our front flower bed of African daisies is blooming like crazy. We used to have some other flowers out here but the daisies have taken over, which is fine with me since they are very low maintenance.

Here are the little birds at night.
Kind of hard to get a good picture of lights, but they look really cute out there. I'm kind of a sucker for fun and inexpensive garden things.

Last night Millie decided that the couch pillows would make a good doggy bed. They must have been really comfortable, she spent a good couple of hours napping on them.

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cailin and ghillie's mum said...

Wow, your flower bed looks fantastic!