Thursday, December 10, 2015

What Are The Odds?

A whole lot to one I would think.

Sometimes you run into people while out shopping or eating or whatever, but it's usually just a matter of happening to live in the same town and shop/eat in the same places all the time. But this seemed a lot more than just coincidence.

A few days ago we decided to go eat at IHOP for dinner, not someplace we go that often for dinner since it's not a dinner type restaurant but where you go for pancakes. Their dinner menu is very limited and let's face it, not all that good, but if you want pancakes it's definitely the place to go. I kind of wanted eggs and pancakes, not that I should be eating pancakes, but I've been having some (and how to put this delicately) digestive issues and thought eggs and pancakes would sit easy on my stomach.

We went quite a bit later than we usually eat dinner, us having become those old folks who eat dinner at 5pm so we can beat the crowds and get home early, but we had been out doing something Christmassy that I'll report on later, so it was more like 6:30 when we drove over to IHOP.

We get out of the car and who is getting out of their car about 4 parking spaces away but Joe and Elizabeth, apparently also wanting eggs and pancakes for dinner.

So, what are the odds of running into your family members when you just happen to decide to go to IHOP and you both arrive at the exact same time? I don't know but I'm still kind of amazed at the whole thing and we did have a nice although unplanned dinner of eggs and pancakes together. A dinner that took forever to get because they were short a cook that night and Keith's dinner got forgotten about so they had to cook it really quick after bringing the other food to us. He was the only one who didn't get eggs and pancakes, but rather a hamburger and that was more than likely the reason for the forgetting about it in the kitchen.

He did get his dinner for free, though.

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