Thursday, November 19, 2015

What Do Vegetables and Jesus Have In Common?

You can find them both in this Veggietales Nativity Set!

This flyer came in the mail today from some Christian gift shop and as I glanced at it before tossing it in the trash a picture of this nativity set caught my eye. I don't really know much about Veggietales, not having small children around, but I just got to wondering about the thought process that went into creating such a thing. Teaching children about the whole reason for the Christmas frenzy is probably a good thing, but where do the vegetables come in here, and won't somebody please tell me what kind of vegetable baby Jesus is? A peanut? Which isn't actually a vegetable of course. Maybe a baby carrot? I can see that there are peas involved in these characters and possibly some broccoli but can't figure out what Mary and Joseph are either.
It is kind of cute if you are into vegetables with your religion but still. The whole thing just looks weird to me.
I did a little research on Veggietales characters and while it didn't help me in figuring out what kind of vegetable Jesus is, I do like this one even if he doesn't appear in the Nativity scene.

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DancingMooney said...

Ha! That is sort of a strange way to create a nativity set, but I guess if they are trying to teach kids about faith, AND make eating veggies more fun, well then... kudos to that. ;)

I love it when you find & share silly things like this. LOL