Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Kind Of Like a Pack Mule

I really felt like one Monday morning when I got ready to take the weekend's worth of Etsy orders over to Office Depot to drop them off in the mail. And I'm so happy that I can just go over to Office Depot to drop things off instead of having to drive 7 miles one way to the post office, which is hard to do when you don't always have a car available.

I had 15 orders to go out and had a tote bag full to go into the bike basket and then instead of trying to hang another tote bag full from the handlebars decided to cram them into my backpack. So, basket full and backpack full and on my back and then purse hanging from my shoulder off I went. And yes indeed I did feel like a pack mule and it's a good thing the bike ride only takes a few minutes.

It was a busy weekend filling those orders, not that I'm complaining about lots of orders, and then a busy day yesterday filling 5 more orders, one of which was for 60 paper ornaments, like these ones below, which take a while to make what with gluing the ribbon hangers on the back and then covering the glued on ribbon with paper and 60 of them did take all afternoon and then some. I like to pack my orders the night before since I never know if I will be able to get on the computer first thing in the morning, like this morning when Keith was still sleeping. The 60 ornament order finally got packed up and shipping label printed about 10pm.
And today no orders so far and I'm kind of glad because I'm kind of tired.

I went to bed last night and then got woken up about 2am with Millie squeaking her squeak toy because Keith had come home and was playing with her. Then Millie got back into bed with me but Mimi wanted in too and Millie snarled and growled at her because how dare she try to get in bed too. Also because the two of them kind of got into it yesterday and Millie is now a little scared of Mimi. I think she jumped on the bed yesterday afternoon and either jumped on Mimi or startled her and Mimi started snarling and hissing and Millie started yelping and then went and hid under the bed.

Then about 4:30 Millie starts barking so I look out the window and see a cat crossing the yard and see another cat on the sidewalk. I rapped on the window to scare the cat off but it just turned around and looked at me and then I'm like hey, that cat looks familiar, is that Buddy out there and if so what in the world is he doing out front?

I go to the door and yes, it's Buddy and Millie is all excited ready to rush out the door so I have to keep her back while letting Buddy in since I don't want to have to chase Millie back into the house at 4:30 am.

Then it takes me a long time to get back to sleep and between working all day yesterday and my sleep getting disturbed last night I am tired.

Millie also grossed me out some the other day when I went into the bedroom and found her sitting near the litter box with three poo balls on the floor near her, poo balls that I can only surmise she dug out of the litter box and I was so hoping she hadn't eaten any because ICK. I know dogs do that all the time but still, ICK! Doggy tootsie rolls!
She knew she was in a little trouble but is trying to look oh so innocent here.

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