Thursday, November 5, 2015

Commence Whining About How Cold I Am In 3...2...1

It seems like a switch was flipped when the calendar went from October to November and daylight savings time ended. A storm blew in that brought us a little rain on Monday along with what for us is cold weather. Anything below 70 is cold as far as I'm concerned.

It's been a little chilly this week. Chilly enough to where I put the quilt back on the bed and actually turned the heater on for a little while this morning. Chilly enough to where I put a throw blanket over my legs while watching TV last night. And chilly enough to where I went over to Walmart and got a new pair of slipper boots because my feet get cold which makes me cranky.

I need to get new socks, too, the only ones I have left from last year are my church socks because they are HOLY. Get it? Ha ha.

I also need some new winter type clothes but that will have to wait until payday, in the meantime I'm wearing one of the two cheap sweatshirts that I got last winter, trading off with the two longer sleeved a little bit warmer shirts that I have. My wardrobe needs replenishing but number one was the slippers which I wasn't about to wait until payday for.

The only thing that I don't like about the slippers is that the soles are nubby (so you won't slip) but act as velcro when I step on the kitchen rugs, rugs I got because I was tired of dripping water on the floor while washing dishes and then having to mop up the water. I'm standing at the sink in my slippers and go to walk away and the rug is stuck to the bottom of my slipper so I have to be extra careful that I don't bring the rug along with me when leaving the kitchen. Kind of like when you try to move a cat off the bed and they dig in their claws and the bed covers go with the cat.

Speaking of bed, Keith went to nap yesterday evening before heading out on the road later in the night and for the first time he shut Millie out of the bedroom. I expected her to scratch at his door but instead she just laid by the door for a long long time, heart totally broken because she is used to getting in bed with him and has never been locked out of the bedroom before. Insert sad puppy face here.

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