Monday, June 1, 2015

Adventures in Sewing

So, first off, the instant grits for ant killing thing really doesn't work all that well. We had a new ant nest in the dirt by the driveway so I sprinkled the grits but two days later Keith accidentally stepped on the ant nest and had biting stinging ants climbing up his leg. He got out the real ant killer stuff, good old Raid, and sprayed the heck out of those nasty creatures. I'm sure they serve a purpose in the whole food chain thing but I don't know what that purpose is and really don't care. We've used ant crystals on the nests before with good results, but don't have a fresh bag of crystals at the moment, so ant spray it was.

We haven't done a whole lot lately, I did do a big kitchen clean with scrubbing the cupboards and walls and washing all the decorative crap and such, but only got halfway through with the job before I'd had enough for the day. The other half of the kitchen clean is on my list for this week and we will see how that goes. I did get the living room carpet scrubbed that same day so it wasn't just total laziness but actual tiredness. Plus it was hot that day and by the time I'd worked for a few hours I was drenched in sweat and it was time for a shower.

Summer is here, we hit our first 100 degree day on Saturday so stay tuned for more whining about how hot I am.

I did some sewing, I bought a bunch of fabrics to make towels and coasters and got a little tired of making those (already) so started on a scrap quilt 'quilt as you go' blanket for my bed. I have about 1/5 of it done so far, quilting each square on the machine as I go and then sewing strips of them together. When it is done I'll put some backing on it and then maybe tie it together with yarn or whatever to keep the backing in place since the quilting is already done. It's very colorful so far.
I also made some new curtains for the kitchen window. Kind of hard to see with the sun shining behind them, but here they are.
As I said, it is getting hot and yesterday Millie spent most of her day like this.

Which doesn't look like a half bad way to spend your day.

I turned on the outside misters for Genie yesterday and I guess Millie thought it was raining, she went outside once, felt the mist, and then right back inside.

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