Sunday, December 14, 2014

I'm Tired And Need Some Coffee!

I've been trying not to drink so much coffee lately, my stomach has been hurting a lot and I'm having other digestive type issues. I was taking a lot of aspirin each day for some tooth pain and arm pain and any other kind of pain and I'm wondering if I have a big hole in my stomach from all the aspirin. I did get the tooth pain figured out at the dentist. And I'm switching to Aleeve for the arm pain.

I'm trying some different more soothing for the stomach teas and today I got some probiotic pills that are timed-release. I had tried probiotics before and the brand I got gave me a stomach ache but so far so good after taking 2 of the new ones today. I got some chamomile tea and some energy and mind focusing tea (ha) and still drink some of my good old Lipton decaf at night. I only had one cup of coffee this morning but after a busy busy day I'm really really tired.

I had a bunch of orders to pack up this morning, I really though that the holiday rush was over with but not quite I guess with a lot of orders coming in yesterday. I didn't want to wait until tomorrow morning to get them ready for the mail, Keith should be home tonight and he sleeps a lot later than me in the mornings. I also got 2 more orders today that I needed to make up and then pack.

I also got out into the yard and weed whacked around all the stepping stones that I really wish we had never put in because weed whacking around them is kind of a pain but luckily the grass is pretty much dead around most of them. Then mowing the rest of the yard and I decided to take the black eyed susan that the wind knocked over completely out. It was starting to kind of creep me out a little anyway and it just needed too much maintenance or it would take over the yard, and it was definitely reminding me of Marge Simpson's hair, so...out it came which was quite a job pulling all the tendrils off of the trellis and then digging up the rest of it. I did put what was left of it in the ground by the side yard fence where maybe it will grow again and then it has a whole fence to spread out on.

See what I mean?

Anyway, out it came and I unbent the trellis and stuck it back in the ground and it looks a lot better to me now.

Our little oak tree's leaves are turning and getting ready to fall but fortunately it won't need too much raking up since there are only about 30 leaves or so on the tree. I am glad it survived the wind though!

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Mom said...

How did look like Marge Simpson's hair!!
Your front "patio" looks really nice, and your flowers are doing very well, as is your little tree.
I think my fuschias are all dead (after barely hanging on last year), but my plant with the blue-purple flowers has come back to life nicely, and the Christmas cactus plants carry one bravely.